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Local Giving Tree 

Thank you for using the online Local Giving Tree! This page is used to reserve  gifts for our neighbors in Hartford. To reserve one or more gifts from the list below, please click the appropriate link and provide your name and contact information on the form displayed.

NOTE: Before committing to reserve a gift, be sure to write down the Gift ID and Name! This information appears ONLY in the table below and cannot be provided after registering. 

Giving Tree 2023

Gifts are provided to two programs at the CT Children's Medical Center and the House of Bread's seven programs that serve both adults and children.

Gift ID Name Age Gender Gift Suggestion Size Color Reserve
Start below: CCMC-YA #200 numbers
Blank space Start HOB-FAM
Start HOB-TA Men's Transitional Living
Start Women's Transitional Program HOB-TW