Haiti Global Giving Tree

Haiti Giving Tree: The value of teaching and learning materials

Our Global Haiti Giving Tree reminds us each Advent, about our covenant relationship with the parish of St. Genevieve in Zoranje, Haiti.

This Advent, we continue to listen to the families and pastor at St. Genevieve as we ask for your continued support for the parish school. Our focus this Christmas season is on providing educational materials and tuition assistance to fulfill their needs.

A Sister Parish committee member offers this reflection for your consideration:
     Do you remember your excitement and enthusiasm for learning when given a             new workbook in school? Some of the students at St. Genevieve have been re-           using or sharing their workbooks, even year after year. Imagine how having new       learning tools will help the students of St. Genevieve School!

     Having the appropriate learning tools will help the students practice what they         learn, reinforce new skills and develop new knowledge. Having their own                   learning materials will help the students be more engaged and motivated to               continue studying.

     Can you help us help St. Genevieve support these students in their educational           journey by providing workbooks and learning materials? What a Christmas gift         that would be to the students in our Sister Parish. Thank you.

The estimated cost of a set of books and workbooks for one student is equivalent to $100.00 US. CLICK Here or scan the QR Code to make an online donation, or with a check (made out to SPSA Church, with “Sister Parish Giving Tree” in the memo) in the collection basket or mailed to the office. MESI-THANK YOU!

Haiti Global Giving Tree